Thoughts on the Australian GP

Dear F1 skeptics: Suck my greasy cock.  I fuckin’ well told you we’d see more aggressive driving and more aggressive pit-wall strategy once the teams had some baseline race data on the new tires, fuel degradation, and &c., and oh look what just happened! Albert Park 2010 was the best goddamn Formula One race since at least Interlagos 2008.

I will grant that it rained, and rain fucks everything up, but it has rained many times in the past and resulted in a piss-poor showing.  This was nothing of the sort.

Also: I think Vettel’s cursed.  Come to think of it, most of my pool of favourite drivers are getting bent over by the fates in these first two races.  If this happens again in Sepang I’ll throw my destructive enthusiasm behind Ferrari and Mercedes.


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