I suppose it’s pretty awesome that I need one of these: it suggests that I’ve bootstrapped Blunt Object from abject obscurity to mere relative obscurity.

  1. I write this blog for my amusement.  If you happen to get something out of it, that’s a happy side effect.
  2. Below each comment is a “reply” link.  It does precisely what it says on the tin.  If you’re replying to someone else’s comment, please, reply to their fuckin’ comment.
  3. This is the internet.  We can haz hyperlinks (see?  Like that one).  If you make some sort of bold claim, cite your sources.  If I’ve made some sort of bold claim in my post and neglected to cite my sources, that’s an excuse for you to heckle me mercilessly until I unfuck myself — but not for you to make the same mistake.
  4. if u cant be obthered 2 rite prprly i wil dleet ur fukn cmnt.  txtspk & h4x0r 7r0p3z are acceptable when used to ironic effect.  If I can find it on Know Your Meme — even better, if I don’t need to look it up on Know Your Meme — it’s probably okay.
  5. I have far better things to do than police my comments.  Don’t be gratuitously retarded, and we’ll get along fine.

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