Besides working up a frothing rage over politics and working on a Ph.D. in computing science, I’m at least mildly interested in motorsports — particularly the high-end four-wheeled variety with both left- and right-hand corners, but I’m happy with a wide range.  Most of my content seems to have settled down on political commentary (and/or vitriol), so we’ll see how this works: I tried research-blogging a while ago, and it didn’t take off.

Do note that I’m predominately interested in motorsports, not simply fast (or fast-looking) vehicles.  I’ll cheerfully spend hours watching Spec Miata on SpeedTV, but I’m not likely to be interested in your new Porsche unless it has a splitter on the front, a wing on the back, a number on the side, and neither turn signals nor license plates.

Anyway, on with the show.

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