Gettin’ shredded: Hunger abatement methods

So I’m digging into the “induction phase” on Kiefer’s Carb Backloading diet plan.  Some of you will be grimly sympathetic already; “induction” on a ketogenic diet plan basically means “depleting all the glycogen in your body until you get fully into ketosis (and incidentally feel like shit for a week)”.  Yeah, lucky me.  Glycogen depletion is the price I have to pay for slamming Pringles and Rockets after my workouts.  At least I get to drink while I do it (fun fact: alcohol without carbs hastens and deepens ketosis, hence the “alcoholic ketoacidosis” that’s freaking out your pharm-major friends when they hear about Atkins).

Keto sucks; “low-carb flu” and struggling with 60% of your max for sets of five is an enormous pain in the ass, but that’s what we have to go through to earn our sushi rice and carby treats once we get to the glycogen loading phase.  I have yet to find a way around that.  Dieting in general sucks, because when you’re in an effective state of calorie depletion you get hungry.  I have found a few ways to mitigate that, and I’ma write about them here.

Intermittent fasting

Yes, to deal with hunger I suggest you skip breakfast.  Yes, this is part of my ongoing jihad against meals in the morning, but hear me out and you might learn something.

First off, IFing helps you deal with ghrelin better.  Ghrelin is, among other things, the “hunger hormone”, and it does neat things like sharpen your awareness and make you think better.  So bathing in ghrelin every morning isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  But from a hunger perspective, once you’ve come to terms with “zOMG I can’t eat until noon and it’s only 8:30 FFFFFUUUUUUUUU…” there’s not a hell of a lot else that dieting can throw at you from an acute hunger perspective.  You get really hungry around 10, deal with it for half an hour or so, and then realize that it’s not such a big deal.

By far the bigger benefit of IFing, though, is that you backload your meals.  On a “normal, sensible” diet, you eat a breakfast that doesn’t quite satisfy; a lunch that doesn’t quite satisfy; and a dinner that doesn’t quite satisfy.  You’re always hungry, and you always have to stop eating before you’re satiated.  When you’re IFing, though, you get to eat a big (er, “normal”) lunch and a big (er, “normal”) dinner, to the point where you’re stretching your stomach sufficiently for it to send “stop eating, dammit” signals.  IFing, you can eat to the point where you’re full and want to stop, rather to a point where you know you ought to stop and can convince yourself that you’ll be full-ish, kinda, relatively speaking.  It’s good.

Also, you can sleep in an extra half hour.

Protein shakes before meals

This is another “fucking with your satiety response” trick, which is how many diets work (until they stop working).  Simple idea: About half an hour before you eat a meal, start drinking a protein shake.  Give it a good 40g of protein, and while you’re at it throw in a teaspoon of Metamucil and a teaspoon of some greens powder.  You’re probably not getting enough veggies anyway, and the fibre is good for (a) enhancing your sense of satiety and (b) giving you some truly majestic shits, especially if you do the right thing and eat veggies with all your meals.  (Fibre also tends to carry off some of the kcal from your meal with it down your colon, although I’m not sure if consuming it before a meal makes this work.)

Plan some smaller meals and chug a protein shake before each.  When you’re on a kcal deficit you want to be taking in more protein anyway, to minimize lean tissue loss among other things, so you should be doing this anyway, but the protein shakes will increase your satiety on each of the smaller meals.  And you never know, you might actually put on some muscle or something useful like that.

Ephedrine + caffeine stack

It works, bitches.  Take 20mg of Ephedrine HCl and 200mg of caffeine when you get up in the morning, then again about four hours later.  EC is thermogenic in general, so you should be stacking it anyway, but for the first few weeks (months?  Depends) that you take it it’s also a mild appetite suppressant.  And seriously, stacking EC is cheaper than lentils, why would you not.

I’m told that taking L-tyrosine with EC can potentiate its appetite suppressant effects even after it’s stopped being effective, and L-tyrosine seems to be well-regarded as a peri-workout stimulant anyway.  If it’s cheap (I haven’t played with it at all, ever), go for it.


I’m going to throw out some props to my favourite nootropic ever.  L-carnitine L-tartrate is fucking amazing, for me, for sheer focus.  Want some extra willpower for five minutes or so?  Listen to Hatebreed.  Want some extra willpower for two hours or so?  Pop some LCLT.  I’ve been sticking to at most 1.5g/day to avoid developing a tolerance, and so far it’s still helpful for (among other things) getting me to the gym when my fuckitometer is reading high.  I think I’ve mentioned before that if I’d been slamming this stuff in junior high, I might’ve gone to MIT.  Not cheap, but not out of sight pricey.

Find a diet plan you can stick to

Something like Cheat Mode, where you carb up after heavy workouts, helps a fuck of a lot because it gives you a chance to eat your face off under controlled circumstances.  I ate Cheat Mode for half a year or so and probably lost about half a pound of fat per month, because I wasn’t really trying.  I ate a Mk. 1 mod 0 targeted ketogenic diet, lost just under a pound a week, and hated it for a month and a half because there was no real payoff.  I ran Lyle’s Ultimate Diet 2.0 and lost over a pound a week, and my carb-ups were fucking glorious.  Right now I’m giving carb backloading a shot, with the hope of finding something somewhere in between.  Try a bunch of different plans, and see what works best for you.

Suck it up or stay fat

This is the last piece of advice from the Lyle McDonald article that sort-of inspired this one.  If you’re in a kcal deficit, you’re probably going to get hungry.  Embrace it; that means you’re doing something right.  Yeah, it sucks; put on some metal and get over it.  Embrace the suck.  Most of hunger is just habit; your body telling you “I’m used to getting a meal half an hour ago, and I don’t see no meal here; what the fuck, buddy?”  Give it a week and that gnawing hunger won’t gnaw quite so hard.  Make ghrelin your bitch.

I will also say that you shouldn’t be going hardcore kcal-deficit for too long — work in a cheat meal every week or ten days, and work in a total diet break every two months or thereabouts.  (Want more details?  Buy Lyle McD’s books; that’s where I get much of my info, and I’m not about to give away his ideas for free.)

12 Responses to “Gettin’ shredded: Hunger abatement methods”

  1. June 17, 2013 at 21:46

    I wish our hated overlords allowed us to buy Ephedrine in this country. I hear it’s good for colds too.

    Meanwhile: Hunger pains? Try nicotine. That works, works well, works fast, and is cheaply available everywhere. Of course someone who can spell the word “cancer” will probably choose the gum rather than a tobacco product, but it still works fine. There’s probably more than one reason that the population has packed on the kilos over the last couple of decades, and reduced nicotine intake is a major suspect. The only downside I can see are:
    1. As a non smoker, 1 bit of nicotine gum knocks me hard enough to basically send me stoned. No operating heavy machinery. Or light machinery. Or email. I stick to half strength stuff and only have half a piece of gum.
    2. It suppresses hunger SO much that I have to remind myself just to drink the protein shakes.
    3.I suppose there’s a risk of addiction, maybe leading to smoking. But actual smokers don’t seem to think that gum does it for them to anywhere near the same extent. Who knows, maybe gum use acts as a vaccination against smoking?
    4. People spot the gum and think you’re a smoker. Embarrassing.

    • June 18, 2013 at 07:15

      They’ve banned OTC ephedrine, not just pseudo-? Jerks.

      One thing I like about the EC stack is that, in addition to being a mild appetite suppressant for the first month or two, it’s also a beta agonist (and gets slightly more effective as such over time). I’m a lot less sanguine about nicotine’s longer-term effects, but maybe that’s just because I haven’t looked into it.

      • June 18, 2013 at 22:23

        “They’ve banned OTC ephedrine, not just pseudo-?”

        Australian government motto: Find out what the people are doing, and stop them.

        However, the use of exercise and nicotine gum is part of “Stopping the people” when it comes to the popular sports of being lazy and smoking. So I can squeeze through that crack. Eventually there will be a ban on weights once some big, jacked guy runs amok and sparks a “muscle-bound monsters who threaten us all!!!” headline.

        I’m not into chronic use of nicotine, although my limited reading shows no long term issues. I have it available as a backstop to will power.
        In fact, just having the backstop available makes it easier. I haven’t had more carbs per day than a single onion (and that was only once) since the first of June (except refeed Saturdays), and haven’t had any gum yet. But it’s sitting in the top drawer and I know it’s there, which really makes it easier to do that “one more hour” thing. Instead of “one more hour until I break down and buy myself a 1 kilogram bag of Smarties (like M&Ms if you don’t have these)”. I’m instead thinking “one more hour until I break down and use my get out of hunger free card”.

        • June 18, 2013 at 22:30

          Well at any rate, thanks for pointing out the possibilities of nicotine gum. Until they make it prescription-only, ofc.

          We have Smarties, too; must be a Commonwealth thing. Makes it confusing because Smarties in the US are the same thing as Rockets here (glucose + citric acid + filler + a bit of dye, probably carcinogenic), and Rockets are about my favourite carb-up tool ever.

          Also, have a look at this if you haven’t already:


          It’s pretty great.

          • June 18, 2013 at 22:52

            I don’t think I’ve encountered Rockets. I don’t spend a lot of time browsing the confectionery aisles of shops. I’ve never thought about it, but now that I do I can see that activity would have a negative net expected value, so I’ll continue to stay away.

            I’ve already got myosythesis in my bookmarks, and I did trial “Heavy chins every day”. It didn’t really work. Everything went OK for about a month (well when I say OK… I mean as expected. I expected to have a hard time and I did.) But then I got really sick and had to give up. I tried it again, and got sick again. Basically I’m not quite motivated enough to push through that.

            But I can easily be convinced that the lower body responds differently to upper, so I’ve always had “Squat every day” on my list of things to try someday.

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