Outrage fatigue II: And your little dog too

I have a great idea for a series of posts, if not a whole website.  Titled Goalposts, it would chronicle the continuum fallacies perpetrated by people I don’t like* who insist that since a bad thing (e.g. warrantless wiretapping) isn’t immediately a much worse thing (e.g.Stasi-like police state), the first bad thing isn’t actually bad at all.  (“If it’s not the worst thing ever, it must be okay” is the continuum fallacy in play here.)  Then, when the much worse thing they dismissively toss out as an unthinkable absurdity actually happens, I dance my little I-told-you-so jig, post an amusing image macro, and record the new location of the unthinkable-absurdity much-worse-thing goalposts.  “Banning trans fats isn’t an infringement of liberty!  All we’re doing is regulating a chemical that’s well-known to be toxic in humans.  Quit talking about Prohibition; it’s not like we’re banning large sodas or something asinine like that!”

Unfortunately, I can’t bring myself to document the process of the world going to hell in quite such real-time obsessive detail.  I’m slowly trying to build myself a beautiful bubble, and to my pleasant surprise I’m actually making progress and feeling more optimistic less carnassial as a result.  I’m unlikely to improve the state of the world by blogging about outrages or by chronicling the mendacities and idiocies of the politicians and parties for whom I might vote (or for that matter by voting) nearly as much as I might by doing my job well, being nice(r) to people, and maybe even writing some useful software on my own time.

I doubt very much that I’ll give up ranting about stupid shit entirely (I didn’t last time, and neither has Bryan Caplan), so at some point in the future you’ll probably see more vitriolic rantage.  But until I start feeling less like a pale shadow of Kafka and more like a pale shadow of Voltaire, politiblogging can make its dick like a Klein bottle and go fuck its own pisshole.

That doesn’t mean I’ma quit blogging altogether, though.  If nothing else you’re probably going to read a bit more about my continuing quest to get jacked.  Presently I’m trying to get lean as fuck, which is boring as hell so I want to do it in a hurry, and I’d really like to do it without losing appreciable amounts of strength.  Sound unlikely?  Yeah, me too, but so far I’ve tried a couple of Lyle McDonald’s diets (targeted ketogenic and Ultimate Diet 2.0) and seen some encouraging results.  I’ll probably write about those soon.  I’m also gearing up to give Kiefer’s Carb Backloading plan a try, which looks a hell of a lot like Cheat Mode on steroids (perhaps a poor choice of metaphor, that).

I’m also likely to keep ranting about stupid nutrition tricks.  On which note, PopSci recently(ish) debunked eight ridiculous nutrition myths which, like most ridiculous nutrition myths, were largely debunked by mid-century physical culturists (who in turn were largely written off as idiotic and dangerously unbalanced meatheads until the paleo movement rediscovered them within roughly the last decade).  You could just flip through my blog archives, I think I’ve covered all of these, but PopSci has new and different citations which is always cool.  Too bad they didn’t bring up breakfast.


* I’m an equal-opportunity misanthrope, so this includes pretty much everyone

6 Responses to “Outrage fatigue II: And your little dog too”

  1. 1 perlhaqr
    June 12, 2013 at 09:58

    Speaking of blogging, microplug: http://pavq.com/blog — This is your fault. ;)

    • June 12, 2013 at 20:09

      I will cheerfully take credit for that. :-D

      Will there be fabrication porn?

      • 3 perlhaqr
        June 13, 2013 at 07:15

        Some. A lot of it will just be “And then I took the entire suspension out, cleaned everything, painted it, installed new squishy bits, and stuck it back on” though. But the parts when I’m fitting the 13″ brakes from an SVT Cobra to it should be interesting, and there are a couple spots like that.. (Though, I mean, if you’re hoping for fabrication porn on the level of that 4 rotor build, well, I only wish I had that sort of equipment. ;) )

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