When your name is a verb

Via Tyler Cowen we discover this post on efficient charitability from Scott Alexander:

It’s worth reading in full, if only to get the context for this line:

Then Robin Hanson of Overcoming Bias got up and just started Robin Hansonning at everybody.

Which leads, inexorably, to this:

I have never seen a group of distinguished Berkeley faculty gain so sudden and intuitive an appreciation for the Athenians who decided to put Socrates to death. I spent the whole speech grinning like an idiot and probably scared Robin a little. And okay, some of that was because I woke up really early to get to the airport today and had become dangerously overtired and mentally imbalanced, but the rest of it was just that he sounds exactly like he does on his blog, he’s a great speaker, and it was just really funny in a train-wreck sort of way to watch a whole room of innocent and basically decent people get Hansonned.

Just, wow.



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