The three sweetest words…

“Overhead squat PR!”

Granted, it’s only 95lbs, but it’s been quite some time since my left shoulder/scapula was stable enough to get within twenty pounds of that.  Seems like keeping everything packed and stable on the way down is my limiting factor in OHSQs these days, but today I was able to sink 95 right down to ATG, pause for a second or two, and stand up with it.  I probably have another ten or twenty pounds in it, too.

Sure is nice to be able to OHSQ with adult-sized bumpers on the bar, even if they’re only 10kg.  Also means I can drop the bar to the platform after a lift, rather than try to catch it on my traps or bounce it off my quads.

(It’s gotta be the shoes.  Seriously, having that extra stability in the hole is huge.)


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