Supplement roundup, revisited

Last year I posted a list of supplements I’ve been taking.  I figure this is as good a time as any to revisit them.

  • Protein powder — still made of win.  If you’re trying to drop fat by eating less, have a protein shake before each meal; the increased satiety is huge.  If you’re bulking, don’t do this.  Drink your protein after each meal.
  • Creatine monohydrate — still made of win.  Might help with recovery as well as strength.
  • Beta alanine — having second thoughts.  On the one hand, I don’t notice any obvious benefits; on the other, I’m completing workouts in 40 minutes that used to take me nearly two hours, albeit at slightly reduced loading, so maybe this is involved after all.  Still cheap enough that I’m not planning to drop it.
  • Fish oil — I’ve been getting my n3s mostly from eating a can of Alaskan pink salmon every day.  Kind of pricey, but proteintastic.
  • D3 — particularly valuable in the winter, when I can go weeks on end without seeing the sun.
  • Waxy maize — haven’t noticed any major transformative effects from this stuff, and it makes my workout shakes thicker and less palatable.  In theory, adding something like a teaspoon of cinnamon as a glucose-disposal agent should help even further, but I didn’t notice anything after a short period of use.  I’m going to take this out for now, maybe add it back in next time I’m trying to gain mass.
  • L-Carnitine L-Tartrate — I’m not getting (or at least not noticing) the laser-like focus any more, which means I probably ought to be cycling the stuff.  Still, I can tell if I’ve forgotten to take it before a workout.  I’d say it’s a winner.
  • ZMA — much more positive about this now.  It doesn’t so much help me get to sleep as much as it improves the quality of my sleep.  Also gives me awesome, vivid, batshit-insane dreams.
  • Melatonin — still works.  Every once in a while I’ll recommend 1.5mg melatonin to someone who’s complaining of insomnia, and they chicken out because they’re worried about developing a tolerance.  I’ve been using this shit for almost a year now, four nights out of five, and it still reliably zonks me out.  When I forget to take it, I still get to sleep, just a bit less precipitously.  It works just fine.
  • Leucine — not the zOMG wonder supplement it looked like it might have been at the beginning of November.  I’ve replaced it with BCAAs, which I can get cheaper and more easily.

In other “shit I spent money on in service of lifting” news, I picked up a pair of lifting shoes, and from limited experience — two sessions — I’d say this might be the best money I’ve spent on lifting, ever.  I may write more after I’ve had a few weeks of squatting, deadlifting, and snatching in them.  I also picked up a bunch of ebooks (which I’m going to milk for another, later, blog post), and am seriously looking at some wrist wraps if Rogue ever gets the fucking things in stock.

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