Wrote about 800 words on the topic of “why increased access to postsecondary ed isn’t going to do a fucking thing about income inequality” before I realized that the argument to which I was responding existed only in my imagination.  Alas; I was having fun.

Beer note: Howe Sound’s come out with a Super Jupiter Grapefruit IPA.  It is tasty but unexpectedly diffident.  Recommended if you like the “aftertaste you can time on a sundial” aspect of most IPAs but don’t particularly enjoy being beaten about the palate with a sledgehammer of hops.  Otherwise, Total Eclipse is apparently now a year-round offering rather than a seasonal, which is to say FUCK YEAH!

I plan to write a bit more about autoregulated lifting — one can call it “cybernetic periodization”, which sounds cool to this child of the Cyberpunk era — in the near future.  I should probably do some more of it before I sound off.

Here, have some metal:


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  1. 1 TMI
    February 8, 2013 at 20:10

    Asking for comments on my last post.


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