Less killer, more filler

I’ll post something substantive one of these days, really I will.

Turd for thought: Most (better than 80%?) of the arguments on both sides of this purportedly-new “national conversation on guns” prove far too much.  Example: The administrative arguments against arming teachers by mandate (e.g. “more guns in non-enthusiasts’ hands means more negligent discharges”) apply just as well to arming police officers, although the proportions may vary somewhat.  The administrative arguments in favour of arming teachers by mandate (e.g. “the right person with the right tool in the right place can solve a violent problem before anyone gets hurt”) apply just as well to arming… er, everyone by mandate (and again the proportions may vary somewhat).  I’m not sure that pressing a heater into a sixteen-year-old 7-11 clerk’s hands as a condition of his employment is a fantastic idea regardless of how often stop-n-robs get shot up vice elementary schools.  These are not easy questions, let alone questions with party-line answers.

Now that you’ve read — or at least skipped over — my political content for the month, how about we go with some more metal?  I’m in a particularly nerdy mood lately so here’s some Hobbit-inspired Summoning:

Still clanks more brass than anything you’ve ever heard on radio.

4 Responses to “Less killer, more filler”

  1. January 31, 2013 at 04:35

    “The administrative arguments in favour of arming teachers by mandate…apply just as well to arming… er, everyone by mandate…I’m not sure that pressing a heater into a sixteen-year-old 7-11 clerk’s hands as a condition of his employment is a fantastic idea…”

    Has anybody pushed a mandate that teachers arm themselves as a condition of employment? The last I’d seen, the serious proposals were to hire dedicated armed security, and to remove prohibitions on teachers voluntarily arming themselves.

    • January 31, 2013 at 08:06

      A couple things:

      1. I’m making claims about the whole set of “arguments”, not the most recent serious ones. Don’t No True Scotsman me.

      2. Even arguments of the form “We should hire armed guards for schools because we MUST PROTECT THE CHILDREN” prove too much, for the same reason (most kids who are murdered aren’t murdered by spree shooters in schools). Anyone peddling that line should also accept hiring armed guards for everywhere else, including their own home (if they have kids).

      Now, if they’re arguing that we should hire armed guards for schools because school shootings make the country go bugfuck nuts and this is a very visible and expensive way to make people calm down because they think they’ve DONE SOMETHING, well, points for honesty and specificity.

  2. 3 Alec
    January 31, 2013 at 07:04

    Agreed, I don’t believe anyone – anyone serious anyway – is advocating mandatory arming. There’s definitely a push for paying armed guards or stationing LEOs. I don’t necessarily think that’s a good idea. Both would be yet another drain on school budgets and taxpayer dollars. Don’t know that they’d be all that effective either; a uniformed guard of any description is sure to be the first target.

    I can’t see any rational argument against abandoning this completely asinine concept of “Gun Free Zones” and allowing teachers to arm themselves in accordance with State laws concerning concealed carry. They are all adults over 21. Why shouldn’t they be allowed to carry a gun like any other adult in the state? Being teachers with concealed guns and not uniformed security officers would put the element of surprise back on their side at least to some degree.

    But there’s no way to “create jobs” and raise taxes by easing restrictions on concealed carry. And since when does gov’t ever ease restrictions anyway? What we will likely get, if anything at all, is some sort of underpaid, under-trained security guard program. If we get anything at all. I more expect to see an expansion of “Gun Free Zones” and direct Federal meddling in intra-state private sales by “closing the gunshow loophole”.

  3. 4 Max
    February 2, 2013 at 06:48

    That song is really cool! I’ve previously listened to Summoning and filed them under meh, but the whole “Let moral heroes sing your fame”-album seems really good. Thanks for linking that song!

    Sorry, I’ve got nothing insightful to say about the political content here.

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