Adding volume

My employer is awesome enough to have a “fitness centre” in the office, by the lunch room.  They spent a bunch of money on selectorized machines, but alas, no squat rack.  (This is probably for liability reasons.)  One of the cable stacks has a chin-up bar.

I’m getting in the habit of using the men’s room by the lunch room, then hitting a quick set of chins on the way back to my office.  Since the cable stack is right there, I’ll also do some Pallof presses or face pulls.  Three to five triples per day adds up to 45 to 75 extra chins over the course of a work week.  That cannot fail to make me more awesome.

I got this idea from Pavel Tsatsouline’s greasing the groove article, but also from Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 book.  If you look at a typical 5/3/1 programme you might be put off by the emphasis on pressing movements, as indeed I was when I started it.  I dumped the assistance pressing work and programmed in a bunch of upper-back stuff instead.  But if you read the book for comprehension you’ll notice that Wendler emphasizes chins as a way to pass the time between sets of your main lift.  So, I’m giving that a shot as well.  Once again, triples after each set of the 5/3/1 lift — that’s an extra 6 sets, 18 chins per workout, three workouts a week adds up to 54 more chins… I’m sitting somewhere around 100 chins per week, more or less for free as far as workout space is concerned.

This has the happy side effect of keeping my shoulders healthy despite a shit-ton of keyboard time.


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