Lifties II

Dear internet,

Today I squatted so  hard my shorts exploded.  (325, new PR, singled it twice.)  Thank goodness for boxer briefs.


Every once in a while some asshat asks me what I do for my “core”.  I tell them presses and front squats.  They roll their eyes and ask me what kinds of “core exercises” I do.  I tell them presses and front squats.

The rest of the conversation rarely goes well.

However, this week I’ve discovered Pallof presses, and holy shit puppy dog they’re pretty damn good.  I suspect that in a month or so it’ll add a good 5-10lbs to my press.

Also, the next time some asshat asks me what I do for my “core”, I’ll tell them I do Pallof presses.  They won’t know what Pallof presses are but won’t want to admit it (this follows from the assumption that they’re asshats), and will leave me alone after that.


Also, Prof. Dr. Andro is really tearing it up over at SuppVersity these days.


Finally, if there’s better squattin’ music than Votnut I don’t know what it is.  (If you know what it is, drop me a link in the comments.)

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