Big deadlift PR today.  405, bitches!  Previous best was 375; judging by how quickly this one went up I could probably pull 420 or 425.


In related news, if you lift to get strong you might want to take Fitocracy’s scoring system with a pillar of salt.  My first “work” set — given that I was working up to a PR I’d almost count it as a warmup — was 285×5, which is apparently worth 181 XP.  Want some context with that?  My first single was 365, worth 170 XP.

Even better, last I checked Fitocracy scored deadlifts and squats the same.  Really guys?


I’ve been eating on Silverhydra’s Cheat Mode for about a month now.  Seems to be working out pretty well as a body-recomposition tool.  Do you want to lift heavy, eat paleo, and occasionally slam a full stack of Pringles like it’s your job?  Check it out.  Carb backloading is kind of neat.

2 Responses to “Lifties”

  1. August 12, 2012 at 10:15

    My thighs salute you! (and then resume grumbling bitterly about how much higher apparently everybody else in the world’s numbers are.) Awesome lift! (grumble)

    • August 12, 2012 at 10:51


      Re: numbers — I’m pretty sure there’s a big selection bias in terms of the people who post their lifts online. For example, I’m happy to talk about my press (just hit 160), because it’s pretty damn good for a gym rat-class lifter. My deadlift’s getting into the realm of respectability; my squat’s been flying in the grey area between “is that all he’s going to squat?” and “that’s pretty heavy, actually” for some time (I expect to hit 325 for a single this afternoon).

      I won’t tell you what my total is, though, because that would allow you to solve for my bench. Let’s just say I’m not giving four digits any kind of a scare just yet.

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