Signs of the times

Over on the East Coast side of the internet, Andrew Sullivan ponders

That’s… a rather curious way to phrase the relationship.  Yes, I depend upon a computer to do my job… I also depend upon my fucking forebrain.  Both of these things distinguish me from “non-tool using primates”.  I would rather talk about “our” — and I might search for a more specific descriptor to omit the sort of airheaded pseudoromantic asshats who lament the appearance of “artificial performance-enhancing aids” like antibiotics and the printing press — ability to exploit tools.  Give me a narrow stick and I can dig grubs out of a tree.  Give a chimpanzee a socket set and I doubt it could change a spark plug.


On the “not First World, needs to get useful shit done with prefrontal cortex” side of the fence, we find that savings and credit is just as Fucking Important as Niall Ferguson would’ve told you if you’d bothered to pay attention:

Tyler quotes a news story thus:

The branches are run almost entirely by and for the children, with account holders electing two volunteer managers from the group every six months.

“Children who make money by begging or selling drugs are not allowed to open an account. This bank is only for children who believe in hard work,” said Karan, a 14-year-old “manager”.

To which commenter Ed replies:

This approach is obviously incompatible with the modern adult banking system.


I guess we can’t count on them to bail out the southern Eurozone.


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