Hybrid turbos for F1 in 2014?

Lookey, lookey!

So, the 2014 engine rules specify a 1.6-litre V6 with a single axially-mounted turbocharger.  Revs are limited to a “mere” 15,000.  And:

With the TERS system its possible energy harvested from the turbocharger could be reused to keep the turbo spinning. Again we cannot see the TERS MGU in this CAD image. TERS will work via a similar method the KERS, a Motor Generator Unit (MGU) will harvest energy from the exhaust by sitting inline with the turbo charger shaft. Its will generate power from the spinning turbo and will be able to store and discharge that energy. In some cases the team will reuse the TERS energy into the main KERS boost (directly or via a battery) or reuse the TERS energy back into the turbo.

“TERS” stands for “thermal energy recovery system”, which had me thinking of something like thermocouples on the exhaust pipes but apparently just means “hybrid turbo”.  Which is plenty awesome enough!

The rest of the article is fantastic too.


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