Viscoelastic nerdgasm

Are you twitching with anticipation of  Sunday’s double-header of the Monaco GP and the Indianapolis 500?  Do you wonder why Lotus and Williams seem to be running so well lately while the once-dominant McLarens and Red Bulls aren’t dominant any more?  Are you secretly (or openly) as big a tire nerd as I am?  Are you jonesing for some lurid Matlab surface plots?

Read this:

I need a cigarette.


5 Responses to “Viscoelastic nerdgasm”

  1. 1 TMI
    May 26, 2012 at 18:26

    What about Massa? Me? Dreaming about a Ferrari One-Two.

    Constructor points, baby!

  2. 4 TMI
    May 27, 2012 at 21:18

    Wetness created some suspense. I texted by F1 bud this early am with a prediction of Alonso 3. For first.

    Then, word of the “hole” protest. I hope it doesn’t change the result, it was an hell of a race. Mark won it, through qualifying. No problems. Rosberg is a little hellion, innit he? And, Alonso, while good, doesn’t do enough to highlight Massa. Remember hearing “Massa is in the lead”? Didn’t expect to hear those words this year.

    Ferarri has regained pace. Red Bull has regained pace. Where the hell is Mercedes? Had Lewis not been relegated to 24, wouldn’t he have won Spain?

    Great post. I know that the engineers are working on how to overcome tyre degredation. (And STEM guys always win. Mebbe not the hot chicks. But that isn’t necessarily a loss.)

    • May 27, 2012 at 23:56

      Looks like there won’t be a protest of Red Bull’s floor. Apparently they’ve been running it since Bahrain, with a green light from the stewards. How much is it really worth to close off the outside of the floor to make a “separate hole”? Maybe a couple of thousandths? Still, that attention to detail is Adrian Newey’s hallmark.

      Bit disappointed that Vettel couldn’t take better advantage of his options later in the race. At a different track that strategy might’ve paid off. That said, Alonso earned his P3 keeping Vettel behind.

      I agree with you about Ferrari and Red Bull, but Monaco is a terrible track to judge pace. For the cars at least, maybe not the drivers. Massa delivered, though it might not be enough to save his job. Do you believe the rumours of Vettel signing at Ferrari in 2014? I don’t know why he’d want to leave Red Bull.

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