QotD, we’re-not-running-out-of-hard-problems edition

Seems like one of my themes over the past few days has been reminding people that, while it might look like we’re on the verge of some massive singularity, there are a lot of fundamental problems in the way that remain particularly difficult.  For example, we don’t really understand something as pedestrian as the pneumatic tire:

Something curious is happening with the tyres in Formula One this year. At first sight, it appears that if you have too much downforce, then you’ll put too much energy into the tyres, and they’ll suffer thermal degradation. Conversely, if you have too little downforce, then the car will slide around and/or fail to warm its tyres sufficiently. If, however, your level of downforce is ‘just right’, then you will be able to optimise your speed over a race distance.


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