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Thoreau sums up how I feel about Obama’s evolved viewpoint on gay marriage:

 I think it says something positive about how far we’ve gone that giving a speech in favor of gay marriage is considered an unimpressive, tepid, and not-courageous thing for a general election candidate to do in an election year.

Also, Radley Balko:

Obama’s statement doesn’t change a single policy. He has basically adopted a federalist approach to the issue. To my knowledge, gay marriage also happens to be the only issue in which Obama embraces federalism. Obama apparently believes the states should be able to discriminate when it comes to marriage benefits, but if they allow cancer and AIDS patients to smoke pot, he asserts the supremacy of federal law, and sends in the SWAT teams.

To be fair, he’s a politician, which means he’s a weathervane pretty much by definition.  So, quoting Thoreau again:

To be clear, this is a defense of our culture, not the guy who gave the speech.

One of the hypotheses I’ve drawn out of following politics for the past few years is that the politicians and party elites are at least a decade behind We The People.  Rather than praise Obama’s courage, we should be praising the electoral masses for dragging him kicking and screaming into the present decade.


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