QotD, Fuck Malthus edition

Bryan Caplan on the curious case of Nazi Malthusianism:

The Nazis were eugenicists and Malthusians (see Mein Kampf, chapter 4).  They wanted to murder “the inferior” because they were convinced there wasn’t enough food to go around.  The Malthusianism told them that millions had to die; the eugenics told them who the victims ought to be.

Strangely, though, the Nazis’ crimes discredited only eugenics, not Malthus.  After the Holocaust, you’d think that anyone muttering, “There are too many people running around,” would be an instant pariah.  But that’s not how things worked out.


My claim is not that, “Malthusianism is false because Hitler believed it.”  Hitler presumably believed that the sky is blue.  My claim, rather, is that Malthusianism is a more dangerous doctrine than eugenics.  If the whiff of eugenics leads you to say, “We should be very careful here, because these ideas can easily lead to terrible things,” the whiff of Malthusianism should inspire even greater trepidation.

(Emphasis added.)

Update: It’d help if I linked to Bryan’s post, wouldn’t it?  Fixed.

1 Response to “QotD, Fuck Malthus edition”

  1. February 12, 2014 at 19:03

    Finally, someone who gets it that Malthus was a d-bag and a dangerous d-bag. A man with nothing but contempt for those “beneath him” (just like the Nazis), a man who couldn’t understand human ingenuity (think Norman Borlaug), and whose elitism enabled mass murderers ever since.

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