Nice to see that New York City is still being New York City:

Well, not “nice” at all:

Think about what just happened, here. On a day strongly associated with the old Soviet bloc, armed government agents staged early morning raids on the homes of suspected political dissidents, detained them, then interrogated them about their plans and political affiliations.


Bonus bit of May Day trivia: American Cold War presidents responded to the commie May Day celebrations by declaring May 1st “Loyalty Day.” Because nothing celebrates “freedom” like a presidential proclamation encouraging the citizenry to declare their loyalty to the government!

Yeah.  Not creepy at all, there, Mr. President.

Bonus lulz from commenter Yizmo Gizmo:

The police mentioned are just being nostalgiac…remember May Day used to be full of young maidens in white surrounding 40 foot phallus-symbols. Accordingly, these cops are being huge dicks in celebration of the festival spirit.

Ilya Somin prefers to commemorate Victims Of Communism Day instead.  Which I guess is as good a reason as any to repost this:

Me, I’m celebrating by being relentlessly entrepreneurial (my latest invoice gets paid out today) and engaging in mutually-beneficial euvoluntary exchange (i.e. paying rent).


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