Minor musings on pro sports

First off, the 2012 Bahrain GP.  Politically very depressing — I don’t know what The Bernie was thinking by pressing for the teams’ attendance (besides “money in my pocket now, and the future of the sport can go fornicate remotely”, that is).  The circuit layout is more or less shit.  But hot damn was there good racing!  Mostly I attribute this to tires going off earlier than many of the teams expected.  Red Bull seem to be back on form and Lotus are surprisingly strong.  McLaren have a faster car than their results indicate, still good on race pace, but their pit crew need some a lot of remedial practice.  Also, it’s too bad no-one on the Ferrari pit wall radioed Alonso with “Felipe is faster than you” — he clearly was, at least on fresh tires.  Good to see Massa get a bit back on form relative to his team-mate.

Scarbs has the skinny on Red Bull’s advancements here.

Next, we note with exasperation that the Kings knocked the Canucks out of the playoffs in rather ignominious fashion.  I’m sure I’ll be drowned in whining from the Vancouver faithful over the next few days about how “our team let us down”.  Normally this would annoy me — it’s based on little more than vicarious tribalism — but the panem et circenses in Bahrain has me thinking about the evils of pro sport, and it occurs to me that, for all the tax subsidies and other public wealth we shower on our pro sports franchises, we really treat the fuckers with far too much deference.  We The People shelled out for a Cup-winning team, and that team fucked the dog in spectacular fashion… so yeah, the bastards let us down. Maybe the players can work off their debts by providing pro bono skills clinics to the local kids’ teams, and the coaches and front-office staff can work off theirs by ritual public suicide.

I mean that metaphorically, of course.  Their careers.  Yeah.


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