“Snoozegate”? You’re kidding, right?

Remember junior high?  Remember being addled on adolescent hormones and trying to figure out just how the fuck you were supposed to behave in a group of your arbitrarily-selected peers?  Remember how every minor perceived deviation from group norms turned into a drama-tastic shit show that was OMG the end of the world until some other drama-tastic shit show popped up a day and a half later?

Remember out-growing that when you hit adulthood and had real things like jobs and rent to give you a double handful of perspective?

Yeah, about that….

Here’s Tim Cavanaugh:

At issue: During a performance of a plodding number off Springsteen’s new Wrecking Ballcollection, the portly Garden State chief executive shut his peepers for an indeterminate period of time.

Observers claim Christie, who had already been lambasted by another concertgoer during one of Bruce’s signature shaggy dog stories, was catching a catnap.

Christie denies sleeping but does claim to have been in some kind of “spiritual” transport inspired by the E-Street Band’s performance of “Rocky Ground, ” which I’m not sure is any less embarrassing.

Thinking back to when I was twelve, I’m not even sure that anyone in my class would’ve given half a fuck about this story.  “Chris went to a Boomer rock show and fell asleep?  So what?  Did you hear that Brian wore silk boxers to school and started showing them to people?  In class?  Ewww!

I’m with Tim on this one:

As with most political disputes, this is one where I’d like to see both sides lose.


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