This “liberaltarianism” thing might have legs

Here’s David Boaz (yes, that David Boaz), executive VP of the Cato Institute (yes, that Cato Institute), writing in the Huffington Post (yes, that HuffPo):

You should click through and RTWT.

Update: Not Sure points out in comments (over here) that you should probably avoid the comments (over there).  Er, yeah.  I tend to avoid most comment sections that aren’t my own out of general principle, but when it comes to news sites the injunction becomes critical.


1 Response to “This “liberaltarianism” thing might have legs”

  1. 1 Not Sure
    March 23, 2012 at 19:54

    “You should click through and RTWT.”

    You might want to skip the comments, though.

    Just a thought…

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