What is this, I don’t even

Press PR today: 130×6 in strict style, no leanback.  Previous PR was 135×3.  This 5/3/1 stuff works, apparently.

I came away with a novel variant on a typical gym facepalm story, too.  Normally when some dudebro decides to up and start curling in the squat rack, he’ll slap at least a ten on each end of the bar before driving the local powerlifters to entertaining and profanity-laced apoplexy.  Today, however, Lifting Buddy and I ran into a fellow who’d carefully removed the bar from the rack, leaned it up against a corner, and dragged in a 40lb fixed exercise bar.  This bar was too short to fit in the squat rack’s hooks, so he’d taken those down too.

Yep.  The empty bar was too much for this guy, but he needed a rack to do his curls anyway.  A rack the bar he was curling didn’t fit.

Eventually he was convinced that he didn’t need to curl in the rack, and dragged the bar away by one welded-on plate.


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