I got nothin’

So here’s Nick Rowe being insightful:

(Hint: Okay, it is, but so what?  Most every other good is too, more or less.)

Also, here’s a fairly old Lyle McDonald rant on fat loss and comment threads:

I’ve been tempted to write a rant about the “calories in – calories out” model of weight (loss|gain), and the way in which it seems to incite idiocy on both sides of the fence, but it looks like Lyle’s done a bang-up job already.


1 Response to “I got nothin’”

  1. February 22, 2012 at 22:21

    Clear thinking makes things easy.

    How much would I have been willing to pay for the S20 note in my pocket if the seller had imposed a condition that I could use it as long as I wanted but could never sell it again, or rent it out to someone else? Nothing.

    Money is in fact not a store of wealth at all.
    Rather, the money-as-debt people are on to something. They’re tokens that society uses to keep track of how much stuff it owes you. If we had a better way of keeping track, we wouldn’t need money at all. (Ref. communist hubris.)

    When you buy a good, you buy the option to use it, and the option to sell it again.

    I found a theoretical solution to IP piracy when I decided that the buyers of IP should have the legal right to sell it again. And it’s exactly as Rowe says – if you can sell it again, you pay more for it in the first place. In the case of IP, you’d almost always sell it again, as you get to have your cake and sell it too.

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