Your latest sign of the apocalypse

I agree with everything Ezra Klein wrote in this article:

In short:

If American eating habits are really going to change in the coming decades, it will be because of innovations in chain restaurants and grocery stores, not because everyone is making their own chicken stock. The trends toward less time, less cooking, and broader availability of premade foods is irreversible, and efforts to fight against it are doomed, in most cases, to fail. But premade foods can become healthier, and semi-prepared foods — like the pre-cut vegetables that now dot many supermarket produce aisles — can make cooking easier. It’s great to cook food from scratch, but it’s not, as so many suggest, a necessary prerequisite for eating healthy.

That last sentence is still mostly hypothetical, but the broader point stands.

Edit: The commenter who writes, in essence, “You should make a nice pasta dish instead of eating processed food” makes me laugh my paleo ass off.


3 Responses to “Your latest sign of the apocalypse”

  1. February 14, 2012 at 03:31

    That pasta enthusiast was also in favour of adding starch to any vegetables, and mentioned that this is how 50% of the world eats, as though that was proof of it’s superiority.

    • February 14, 2012 at 08:43

      You know, lately I’ve been thinking more and more about how the “best diet” depends on circumstances. For example, when a bodybuilding coach who walks around at 7-8% BF all year recommends upwards of 200g of simple carbs pre-, peri-, and post-workout, he’s not necessarily talking to 17% BF people like me. The metabolic environment of someone who has that much muscle and that little fat is much better able to do useful things with a shitload of PWO carbs.

      So with that in mind I can see how starch + veg could work pretty well for “50% of the world”. I mean, for one thing it’s silly cheap. For another, 50% of the world doesn’t live in a 24-hour caloric surplus: If you spend your whole life fasting for 12 hours a day or more, you’re going to be insulin-sensitive enough to deal with a massive bolus of starch. And finally, I bet those 50% of the world work hard enough to maintain reasonable amounts of muscle and fairly low body fat, which’ll also make a huge difference in terms of how they process carbs.

      Notice how none of those points is particularly relevant to the commentariat of an Ezra Klein blogpost?

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