Higher-ed bubble watch

I got nothin’ today, so here’s a graph all y’all might find interesting:

What happened in 2003?  My first guess would’ve been bankruptcy reform making it harder to discharge student loan debt, but that didn’t happen ’til 2005 — by which time tuition inflation had already stabilized at its higher rate.  Wikipedia’s less-than-amazing page on the Higher Education Act indicates some changes in 2003, but nothing’s apparent that would account for such a big change.  Anyone happen to know offhand?

Update: I really ought to link to the source of that graph: A Moody’s report on student lending, which makes a compelling case that the sky is falling.

1 Response to “Higher-ed bubble watch”

  1. 1 TMI
    January 16, 2012 at 14:14

    Number 1 graduates after this term with his EE/CS degree. Due to generous scholarships–National Merit Scholar and others–part-time jobs delivering pizzas has left him in pretty good shape.

    Number 2–who missed NMS by one missed question–found the amount of debt it would require daunting, and is now working for me. Learning stuff he should have learned in K-12. Amazing, really. Sure, he had the math, finishing calculus in his 11th year. But scads of other stuff, simply lacking. Like, how to write a sentence.

    Education used to be affordable, I’m proof. Today? Lower-division coursework is administered via the internets. You don’t even come into contact with the instructor. What’s up with that? And, it’s more expensive?

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