Libertarianism and states’ rights

It sure looks like Ron Paul’s managed to troll the entire progressive internet.  He really is perfect for the job, being a probably-not-entirely-reconstructed paleolibertarian who likes to sell his anti-abortion views as part of a federalist package, but holy shit is it amusing watching the Left-O-Sphere go into full hysterical barking-at-sprinklers wharrgarbl over every plank in his campaign platform.  And presumably because of Those Newsletters, to say nothing of the fact that Père et Fils Paul and Dennis Kucinich are the only federal politicians who oppose murdering foreign brown people and incarcerating domestic brown people, the Mk. 1 mod 0 progressive attack on libertarianism — in their more sophisticated moments, they’d rather not attack Paul directly, so they build a generalized straw-man and congratulate themselves on not resorting to ad hominem — is that it’s racist.

First we were treated to the idea that libertarians are racists, or crypto-racists, or naive racist-enabling dupes, because we don’t like government intervention even to force racists to quit acting like racists in public.  (Er, see previous counterpoint from back when Rand Paul did the foot-in-mouth dance.)  Now, we’re told that libertarians are crypto-racists in disguise because of the whole federalism thing: Apparently we believe that it’s one thing (a baaad thing) for the federal government to use its power for evil, but it’s just fine for state governments to do the same.

Which of course is why the very libertarian Cato Institute and Institute for Justice led the charge in the Lawrence v. Texas repeal of the latter’s odious sodomy laws.  And why libertarians have been fighting eminent domain laws tooth and nail.  And, well, read:

What’s next: An argument that libertarians are crypto-racists because we support property rights and zOMG slaves were considered property in the antebellum South?


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