Top posts of 2011

Hey, cheap content!

Here, according to the somewhat dubious statistics gathered by WordPress, are the most popular posts I’ve written in 2011:

1. Hanson’s Razor

Woot!  I want this to catch on almost as much as I want “libertarians hate kittens” to turn into an internet meme.

2. 2011 Formula One diffuser shenanigans

Huh?  I didn’t think I had that many motorsports nerds reading the blog.

3. Things uncultured colonial hicks say

Snarky and fun to write, and I got to make fun of the BBC.

4. Car porn: Group B rally

Everyone loves the Killer Bs.  Go on, click through and watch those videos again.

5. Not a persuasive argument about the social contract

The highest-ranked political post.

6. It continues to amaze me…

Hanson’s Razor, applied.

7. Tidbits on signaling

I’m starting to notice a trend, here.

8. Complex systems and unexpected results

Motorsports nerdery and strident political commentary: Two great tastes that taste great together!

9. What a fuckin’ tragedy

You see that graphic over there on the sidebar?  I’m not fucking around.

10. Aston Martin AMR-One LMP

More car porn.  Who’d have thought?

Honourable mentions, because I feel like it:

2 Responses to “Top posts of 2011”

  1. December 29, 2011 at 07:13

    Hanson’s Razor has been a very valuable intellectual tool for me, honestly. It’s really-truly help disentangle some issues that were troublingly incomprehensible without it. I’ve added a few modest links to its popularity. ;)

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