Prepare to get schooled by my Austrian perspective

Oh my goodness.

Yes, really: Mother Jones is engaging in some light-hearted character assassination, which’d be exasperating if it wasn’t so poorly done (they include Ayn Rand — twice — and some tax protester I’d never heard of as libertarians, which I suppose is reasonable if you’ve never actually run into a libertarian that isn’t a straw-man caricature).  A little racist, and a lot ignorant, it’s still amusing (although their choice of quotations makes it really easy to game: I got 9/10 without actually knowing any of the answers, but rather by trying to imagine what a Mother Jones editor would consider to be a stinging rebuke to libertarianism and choosing accordingly).

Also, it gives me an excuse to link to the Keynes-Hayek rap videos again:

Also also, I gained some respect for Bob Barr.


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