Remember back in the day, when large zip files of three, four, or even five megabytes had to be broken up into many small chunks to fit onto the alt.binaries hierarchy 1.44Mb floppy disks?*  Apparently we’re doing that with blog posts.


First of all, over at EconLog, David Henderson recounts a talk he gave to Occupy Monterey, titled “Crony Capitalism vs. the Free Market”:

  • Part one (Robber barons vs. the military-industrial complex, and a dog worth more than $30)
  • Part two (water monopolies, sweatshops, and positive-sum trade)
  • Part three (Rockefeller, rising tides, and state-mandated racism)
  • Part four (confiscating from Congressshitbags, and young immigrants)

All in all, Henderson’s account rather neatly refutes Richard Green’s assertion that economists have poor social skills.  (It only takes one counterexample to disprove a universal.)  The whole thing is well worth your time, especially if you find my views on economics exasperating.


Next we turn to F1-Fanatic’s driver ratings for the 2011 Formula One season:

I’m a bit surprised that they rated Ricciardo (23rd) and Petrov (18th) as far down the pack as they did — Ricciardo did a great job in a basket case of a car and Petrov’s weakness was more as a development driver than as a racer.  I can’t fault their top ten, though, and much as I dislike the persona he’s adopted as a Ferrari driver I can’t say anything bad about Alonso’s driving this year.  Fernando in 2011 pulled very much the same stunt as Lewis in 2009, dragging an uncompetitive car far further up the grid than it had any right to go and making lap after ten-tenths lap look routine.  I’m not sure that he did enough to beat Vettel on this list — Vettel exhibited much the same clockwork excellence and blew out the season in a car that had only a razor-thin advantage over the McLaren — but I don’t see a lot of daylight between the two of them.


* Yes, I know that’s not what the multipart/digest MIME type indicates.


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