Big shakeup at Scuderia Toro Rosso

F1F claims that Alguersuari and Buemi are out, Ricciardo and Vergne are in:

Meanwhile, SPEED suggests that Alguersuari at least might stay with the team:

Ricciardo at least has had some impressive performances at HRT — as much as one can impress in an HRT, at any rate.  Meanwhile, the pair at STR have had a pretty strong season overall, though perhaps not strong enough to get a job at the ‘A’-team.  I wouldn’t be entirely surprised to see Alguersuari end up as Red Bull’s reserve driver (swapping places with Ricciardo), and HRT or Marussia could do far worse than Buemi if he finds himself on the market.

Ricciardo surely deserves the seat.  Not sure about Vergne, but STR’s raison d’être is taking chances on young drivers so I’m not entirely surprised.  Maybe he and Alguersuari will end up swapping seats over the 2012 season — pairing Ricciardo and Vergne would leave STR rather short of experienced development drivers, which as we’ve seen with Renault this year is a bad place to be.


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