Libertarians: still hate kittens

Here’s one for the not-this-shit-again files: from Marko we discover that when a public fire department, funded almost entirely by taxpayers and with a monopoly on fire-protection services, declines to intervene in a non-subscriber’s house fire where no lives were at risk… well, it obviously disproves the libertarian argument for private provision of public goods.

Yep, it’s the South Fulton Fire Department operating in greater Obion County again.  This is exactly the same shit as last time, so rather than comment at length I’m just going to link to my previous post.


1 Response to “Libertarians: still hate kittens”

  1. 1 Editor
    December 14, 2011 at 01:16

    Libertarian Lifeguards and Firefighters have their own Facebook group and will be subjucts of an upcoming profile at http://www.LibertarianInternational.org the non-partisan Libertarian International Organization.

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