Bryan Caplan contra Blunt Object?

Calm down, folks: I haven’t made it onto Caplan’s radar screen yet, let alone been excoriated by same for my glib economic dilettantism.  (I should be so lucky!)  I’m thinking of this post:

in which Caplan writes:

People in the First World today should be incredibly grateful to be alive; they have a golden opportunity to build a joyful life free of mankind’s historic troubles.  (Corollary: People should take most of the energy they spend on complaining and reallocate it to self-improvement).

Now, it is easily observed that this blog is dedicated to me complaining — about governments, bureaucrats, central bankers, other people with opinions about central bankers, programming languages, voters, non-voters, undergraduates, idiots in general, and a special mention for Bernie Ecclestone.  Caplan again:

I am a firm believer in the view that complaining about problems usually makes them worse. I have endured my fair share of bad service in restaurants, but that is nothing compared to how much I have suffered from the futile complaints of my fellow patrons. Why complain to me? I don’t run the restaurant!

Well, there’s my saving grace.  If you’re not having fun reading my blog, no-one’s forcing you to scroll down.  I’m certainly having fun writing it!  And the combination of (a) wanting to enjoy the experience of ranting about current events and (b) not wanting to make a fool of myself in front of God and the internet led me to study parts of economics and history (and, er, vehicle dynamics) that I wouldn’t have dreamed I’d find interesting five years ago… so I guess I have the self-improvement angle covered.


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