Giving some thanks

Since gratitude’s apparently health-improving, here’s a quick list before I get back to work:

  • I’m thankful for my current freelancing gig, which has me doing interesting geometry-processing work instead of the PHP/Javascript web-dev grind I had earlier this summer and even pays a little bit better;
  • I’m thankful for dmr’s gifts of C and Unix;
  • I’m thankful for being both American enough and Canadian enough to “celebrate” Thanksgiving twice a year, even if that celebration mostly involves watching football while I write code; which reminds me that
  • I’m thankful for telecommuting, wi-fi, and laptops, and incidentally for Charles Woodson interceptions;
  • I’m very thankful for the robust West Coast craft beer market;
  • I’m thankful for Ricardo’s Law of Comparative Advantage; and finally
  • I’m thankful for Porsche 935 build threads.

That was fun.  Back to work.

3 Responses to “Giving some thanks”

  1. 2 perlhaqr
    November 26, 2011 at 08:51

    I think that first bodykit on the Porsche was better. But HELLO WING.

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