Quote of the day, Radley Balko Fan-Club Singalong Edition

From commenter Jaybird over at the League:

Fish gotta swim.
Bird gotta fly.
Man gotta sit and wonder “why why why”.

Man gotta eat.
Man gotta blog.
Cops gotta put a bullet in the dog.


1 Response to “Quote of the day, Radley Balko Fan-Club Singalong Edition”

  1. November 1, 2011 at 22:06

    When I read the depressingly frequent puppicide posts on Agitator I feel an overwhelming urge to turn my home into a massively armed fortress with a state of the art surveillance system.

    Fuck right, wrong or indifferent. If someone broke into my house and shot one of my dogs I would try to kill him. And hope to hell I succeeded.

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