Spent a pleasant day watching college fuhboh rather than doing anything blog-like.  (Dear WV: Kind of you to show up in the 3rd quarter to add an element of drama to the stomping LSU gave you.)  Fortunately, Thoreau and Jim Henley have been kicking ass over at Unqualified Offerings; go read these posts instead:

Also, have some car porn:

Kamui Kobayashi gets some air at Singapore; click for F1-Fanatic gallery page

Speaking of Singapore: Vettel can clinch his second WDC in about nine hours.  Scarbs has a neat look at the front wing update Red Bull brought to the street circuit this year:

Neat stuff.  I have to wonder how much of the development we’ve seen on F1 front wings since 2009 stems from the fact that the endplates are damn near parallel to the outer plane of the tires.  It sometimes seems like the outer elements’ job is largely controlling airflow around those big rotating aerodynamic fuckups and only incidentally creating downforce.


4 Responses to “Punt”

  1. 1 perlhaqr
    September 26, 2011 at 18:31

    I can say only one thing to that picture: *boing!*

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