All linky, no thinky

First we have Tyler Cowen wondering whether approving of a carbon tax is a necessary condition for being a “serious” economist:

Answer: No, not a necessary condition, but most probably do anyway.  Shitting out random crap into your neighbours’ breathing air isn’t exactly a negligible externality, after all.


Next, Stephen Gordon has a look at one particular hypothesis for why rich people have become so damn rich over the last decade or so:

Spoiler warning: maybe it’s because retiring Boomers — or their pension-fund managers — want to invest in financials and other investments from which “the rich” tend to benefit more than others.  Gordon is careful to point out that this isn’t a slam dunk, mind you, but if one looks at the cui bono of a generation of retiring Boomers it’s a pretty strong argument that they’re at least following the trend of giving money to “rich Wall Street fuckers”.  (Full disclosure: I love any excuse to attribute to retiring Boomers any thing that retiring Boomers dislikes, their dislike of which catches me aslant.  tl;dr: This hits my confirmation bias so hard it hurts.)


Finally, here’s a sub-eight minute bike lap around the Nordschleife:


1 Response to “All linky, no thinky”

  1. 1 Alrenous
    September 19, 2011 at 12:19

    Boomers will be patsies till the day they die. They’re ferociously skilled at it by now.

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