It feels so good when you stop

Ever become stuck on stupid in some mundane aspect of daily life, lived there for a couple of years, and suddenly stopped?  That was me a few days ago.

Smart Matt: So Lifting Buddy just discovered the magic of whey protein powder.  Remember protein powder?  That was pretty good stuff.  Lifting Buddy’s making some pretty good strength gains lately, too.  Maybe we should pick up a tub.

Stupid Matt: Aww, protein powder’s really expensive.  And besides, Eugene Sandow and J.C. Hise didn’t have protein powder, and they still got silly strong without it, so we should be able to get silly strong on Good Wholesome Natural Food.

Smart Matt: Tommy Kono and Pyrros Dimas had protein powder.  When was the last time you cooked 170g of protein in a day from Good Wholesome Natural Food, anyway?

Stupid Matt: Shut up!  Besides, we set a deadlift PR a couple months back, remember?  And, um, newbie gains.

Smart Matt: Look: Suppose you grab a tub of the pretentious overpriced whey powder from the pretentious overpriced grocery store — just because that’s the most convenient thing to do, and we’ve already established that getting 1g/lb/day from meat and stuff is insufficiently convenient.  How much would that cost on a per-gram-of-protein basis?  Is that number small enough to give it a go for a month and see what happens?  Express it in six-packs if that helps.

Stupid Matt: Oooh, numbers!  I like numbers.

Man, I’ve been stupid.

Being stupid: it feels so good when you stop.


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