I only get Olympic lifters when I blog about my snatch

Yes, “search term bingo” is a pretty lazy way to generate content.  This is all you’re likely to get on deadlift day.

First of all: not one but two people somehow made their way here with the search phrase “latex extreme porno”.  Since the porn I post is car porn and the latex I write about is a set of macros layered on top of a typesetting engine, I presume they left disappointed.  (Not sure where their search engine of choice got “extreme” from.)  Still, I feel kind of bad: finding teh fr33 pr0nz is what the internet’s for, after all.

Someone else found this little blog with the phrase “shit flavour”.  So now I’ve disappointed a coprophage from the British Empire (or a former colony thereof).  I must confess that the prospect fills me with indifference.

Still and all, these three visitors must’ve seen — at the very least — titles and excerpts from this here blog which were utterly unrelated to their original intents… and clicked through anyway.  I can hope that they liked what they saw.  So if someone wearing a zentai or bearing a tray of brownies comes up to you at your next play party and starts ranting about grass-eaters, Hanson’s razor, and why the DRS is bullshit — tell ’em I said “hello”.

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