NY votes to cease enforcing marriage inequality


10.31 pm. I hear the cheers from below. This is the moment that marriage for gay couples became irreversible in America. It matters for all the reasons I laid out here. And they seem to sense the moment of this in the Senate Chamber. This is, in many ways, the moment this movement hoped for for so long, as what seemed like a dream two decades ago, has now come to fruition.

Most of the legislative wharrgarbl surrounding the bill’s passage was apparently generated by the wording of the religious exemption.  I’d be curious to read the final version (though not so curious as to actually wade through a NY state government website to find it — I’ll wait ’til it shows up on the Volokh Conspiracy).  It seems to me that marriage as a religious institution is very different from marriage as a civil institution, and while the former makes about as much visceral sense to me as Twilight‘s enduring popularity I’m in no position to suggest that any level of government should regulate either religious marriage or Twilight.

I favour Matt G’s optimism over Jason Kuznicki’s pessimism.  (The latter would seem to face miscegenation laws as a strong counterexample.)


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