2011 European GP

Turns out that not even Pirelli can make the Valencia street circuit exciting for the spectators.  Oh, there was some decent action in the midfield every once in a while, but for the most part we were treated to a demonstration of a few fundamental characteristics about the cars:

  • The Mercedes has great traction out of corners and straight-line speed but gets eaten up under braking;
  • The McLaren is unusually hard on its rear tires (which Lewis Hamilton later blamed on poor rear downforce; makes sense to me);
  • The Ferrari is no longer catastrophically off the pace on the harder tire compounds; and
  • The Red Bull doesn’t need an extreme engine map to lock out the front row.

As a motorsports tech nerd, I enjoy discovering these things and being able to watch them happen.  As a racing fan, I am disappoint.  Can we move the Euro GP to fucking Algarve already?

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