2011 Monaco GP

Well, that was unexpected.

F1 Fanatic has a good summary of the race, and Gordon McCabe has a more focused analysis of what went on with the leaders.  They cover most of what I was going to say, and better than I was going to say it.  Instead of rehashing their commentary — poorly — I’ll add a few comments that remain unaddressed.

  1. Lotus seemed to be going pretty well, turning lap times that were within shouting distance of the midfield teams.  I wouldn’t be shocked if they scored points this season.  On the other hand, Monaco is a terrible track for trying to evaluate overall performance.
  2. Williams finally scored some points — would’ve been more if Hamilton hadn’t shoved Maldonado into the barrier outside Sainte-Devote.  But again, Monaco is a terrible track for trying to evaluate overall performance.
  3. I counted one pass made under DRS.  However, I lost track of the number of passes made elsewhere on the course — Loews hairpin, Tabac, Piscine, Nouvelle Chicane, and probably others.  While DRS wasn’t as offensive at Monaco as it was at Istanbul Park, it certainly didn’t contribute as much to the action on the track as did the tires.
  4. It’s probably because I’m an F1 nerd, but I’m having a lot of fun watching the tire-preservation game at this year’s Grands Prix.  Race strategy extends back to Q1, now, and small differences between the cars — like Ferrari’s qualifying performance deficit on harder tires, which sometimes leads them to use a set of softs to get into Q2 — are magnified and brought to light.
  5. Kudos to McLaren’s engineers for fixing Hamilton’s rear wing during a twenty-minute red flag.
  6. Speaking of Hamilton and breaking things: there were a lot of penalties going around, and a lot of contact as well.  Question: Were the drivers attempting the pass overoptimistic and overcommitted, or did the defending drivers turn in too late having already lost the position?  My guess is the former: I think Hamilton got frustrated with his qualifying performance and drove a reckless race, and I have no idea what possessed Paul di Resta.
  7. Two weeks ’til the Canadian GP, which I can actually watch at a civilized hour.  Two DRS zones per lap, though?  Give me a fuckin’ break.  The Circuit Gilles Villeneuve should be plenty fun with just the Pirellis to play with.

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