Livin’ in the future, boring web-dev edition

About ten years ago, I spent some of my working life building webapp servers for in-house development.  (There was a bit more involved — six figures worth of PBX hardware, give or take — but the general principle was the same.)  Getting a box from “fresh install of FreeBSD” to “does everything we need” took a day or so, once we’d figured out (and more importantly, documented) a standard procedure for doing everything and didn’t have to puzzle through reference material.  Not a bad day’s work — it took Tim Berners-Lee far longer to get a webserver set up, and I can pretty much guarantee that he knows the field better than I do.

Yesterday, I had occasion to build another webapp server for in-house development.  I downloaded MAMP, installed it, ran it, and clicked “start servers”.  Then I spent an aggregated ten minutes setting up dummy SSL certs and making Postfix play well with the remote mailserver.  One day and three thousand words of carefully-documented process has turned into fifteen minutes and a handful of tutorial links.  That’s progress.


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