Glickenhaus/Ferrari P4/5 Competizione

If you’re not a voracious consumer of esoteric competition-car porn, you might be sadly unfamiliar with Jim Glickenhaus’s Ferrari P4/5 project, a one-off Ferrari Enzo rebody by Pininfarina* that harks back to the Ferrari prototypes of the 1960s — you know, the ones that were eventually clobbered by the Ford GT40/Mk II and the Porsche 917 — and that makes the overwhelming majority of modern supercars look like a 1994 Toyota Camry.  You might also be sadly unfamiliar with the P4/5 Competizione, a purpose-built race car taking advantage of the P4/5’s slippery aerodynamics and pants-tightening awesomeness as well as, you know, wind tunnels and other science-y stuff.  Fortunately, I am here to enlighten you.

Here’s a teaser of the P4/5c at the Nürburgring VLN course:

And, for your vicarious pleasure, a lap around the ‘ring:

Don’t thank me; it’s my job.


* If you’re not a voracious consumer of esoteric car porn, you might not be familiar with Pininfarina, and your life might be dull and joyless for the omission.

4 Responses to “Glickenhaus/Ferrari P4/5 Competizione”

  1. 1 perlhaqr
    March 29, 2011 at 09:25

    Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t kick it out of my driveway for leaking oil, but even though I know that many of the mods are to integrate the last, oh, 40 years of technology, the body still lacks something compared to the original 330 p3/p4.

    But that’s one of the prettiest cars ever made, so, it would be hard to improve on.

    • March 29, 2011 at 13:10

      Aesthetically, I’m in no position to argue with you. My sense of automotive beauty has a lot to do with function as well as form, but a lot of that comes from being a dilettante aero nerd.

      On the other hand, reading up on the Porsche 917 brought home just how twitchy pre-downforce prototypes became at 200mph and above, so looking at the 330 kind of makes me cringe.

      And in case you’ve not seen them, here are Racing Sports Cars’ galleries for:

      Ferrari 330 p3
      Ferrari 330 p3/4
      Ferrari 330 p4

      • 3 perlhaqr
        March 30, 2011 at 17:48

        Yebbut it’s just so pretty. But yeah, probably more suited to the sorts of speeds my Plymouth Satellite can do, not what it’s actually capable of.

        What’s that weird screen thing at the top of the windshield in the Nurburgring video? Sun-visor?

        • March 30, 2011 at 17:58

          Yeah, sun visor. Probably a mandatory piece of safety equipment at the Nordschleife; driving through those trees at sundown must be like staring into a strobe light.

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