Duck theathon! Wabbit season!

Aww, fuck; it’s election season.

In Jack and Iggy’s defence, it really is a pretty sad sack of a budget.  I guess the “Harper government” decided that since we’re bombing Libya again, and we last bombed them in the ’80s, we ought to have an ’80s-style “let the next guy cut spending” budget.  If you’d told me in 2004 that I’d miss Paul Martin as Prime Minister, I’d probably have slugged you.  But if Paul Martin was running the LPC, I’d welcome this election… and I just might hold my nose and vote for him*.

Of course, he isn’t.  But we’re gonna get an election anyway.

As usual, Skippystalin does Canadian politics better than I:

He concludes, in my view rather optimistically:

Canada is in much better shape than the United States is, but we won’t stay that way for long if this nonsense continues much longer. There is absolutely no indication that anyone is going to get serious about anything in this country anytime soon.

Don’t blame me; I voted libertarian.


* Paul Martin was a pretty mediocre PM; that should tell you something about the current crop of fuckpuddles we have in federal politics up here in the True North Strong And Free.


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