Sunday, random Sunday

In no particular order:

  • Hot damn was that a fun Sebring to watch.  Congratulations to Oreca-Matmut on their first outright “big three” win, and congratulations to Highcroft for (a) challenging for the win right up until the last round of pit stops in (b) a race car they’d only had for a week!  (Also, I tip my hat to anyone who beats the Peugeot factory team.)
  • I’m going to have to eat my words: the ACO seems to have actually balanced out diesel and petrol LMP cars.  Not only did the ARX-01e show no obvious power or speed disadvantage to the 908s, but the damn thing actually ran longer stints.  I presume this comes down to permitted fuel cell capacity rather than actual fuel efficiency, mind, but damn is Le Mans going to be fun this year.
  • Our quote for the day comes from Ryan Avent, in a post on “optimal concentration of liquor stores” that sounds an awful lot like something Eric Crampton would write:

    Neither “I don’t like the typical liquor store clientele”, or “I think there are plenty of liquor stores already”, or “I’d rather this space be a book store” are good reasons to try and prevent the people who rightfully control a property from opening the business they want to open.

    It’s very strange to me how many people think that “I want something different” is a sufficiently good reason to trample on someone’s property rights.

  • A close runner-up is this gem from Matt Zwolinski at Bleeding-Heart Libertarians:

    [I]f you claim to be a fiscal conservative and you aren’t anti-war, then you’re not really fiscally conservative.

  • Please note the presence of both BHL and Meteuphoric on the link bar to the right.

1 Response to “Sunday, random Sunday”

  1. 1 perlhaqr
    March 27, 2011 at 03:24

    I was hoping like hell Highcroft would pull it out at the end. I admit it, I just wanted to see the French lose to the Americans. At least it wasn’t the factory team that won.

    I was amazed that the BMWs managed the win, considering how often they kept getting run the hell over.

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