Beers of Vancouver, vol. 24

Here’s something I had a taste of back in November, found on tap a couple weeks ago, and am now able (for a few weeks at least) to get in bottles: Tree’s Total Eclipse of the Hop Imperial IPA.  It is fucking amazing beer.

Yes, it’s outrageously hoppy.  Yes, it does that bitter hoppy aftertaste thing for minutes at a time.  Yes, it has that slightly syrupy texture one usually finds in outrageously hoppy IPAs.  It’s a bit maltier than most IPAs, which balances out the hops sledgehammer just enough to let you enjoy the way the beer’s taste changes as it hits different parts of your mouth and gets into your sinuses.  And yes, it’s a reference to that song.

If you like strong IPAs, you’ll like Total Eclipse.  If you don’t, you’ll find it utterly obnoxious — which is fine, because that leaves more for me.

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