Aston Martin AMR-One LMP

You know what we need around here?  More car porn. Here y’go:

Click for huge

We begin by noting that the blue-and-white Gulf livery looks fucking amazing with liberal application of bare carbon-fibre accents.

Aston Martin Racing’s answer to the 2011 LMP rules changes, the AMR-One is (as with its predecessor) a petrol-burning car designed to take on the mighty diesels of Audi and Peugeot.  Whereas Audi have chosen to build a closed-cockpit coupe for their new, more restricted diesel vee-six to haul around Le Mans, Aston Martin have built an open-cockpit car around their new forced-induction direct-injection straight six.  Whether the ACO have managed to achieve parity between diesels and gas-burners remains to be seen (your humble blogger is rather doubtful), but by accepting extra drag from an open cockpit AMR surely think they have power to burn relative to their competitors.

The car’s nose is interesting in a very Formula One/Acura ARX-01 sort of way.  I find it curious that, while a lot of effort has obviously been invested in managing air around the nose, the AMR-One’s sides are so high.  All — well, most — of that carefully-managed air seems to go directly into large ducts which… I dunno, do stuff like feed the heat exchangers and drive the front diffuser or something.  There’s an intercooler in there somewhere, which I’m sure is hungry for cold air.  Front tires are, again, just as wide as the rears — though Michelin tells us that their rear-sized-fronts now have proper front-tire compounding.

Much more at Planet Le Mans and Mulsanne’s Corner.

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