Free ice cream at PopeHat

All y’all’d better go over there before it melts and drips all over the miter.

“[Sic]” is the rape-tool of the oppressor, by which Western thugs brutalize brave freedom fighters who reject patriarchal “spelling” and “grammar” and “diction.” bell hooks defies you, thugs!

Your assignment is to examine the ontological and metaphysical questions raised by the assertion, “There is NO EVIDENCE that John Smith, Defendant, is not a FICTION. And THEREFORE UNABLE TO OPERATE AN AUTOMOBILE. And Affiant BELIEVES that no such evidence exists.”

Holy shit those are funny.

Update: Dr. Karin Calvo-Goller May or May Not Reject Western Imperialist Irony (Ken)

From Dr. Calvo-Goller herself, or at least someone signing her name to an email:

Dear Ken,

Finally someone who is able to see beyond the picture presented so far by the media.

Either Ken’s dry-as-a-Martian-desert sarcasm doesn’t translate well, as he notes (along with some other, more mundane and thus less amusing, possibilities) or Dr. Calvo-Goller is herself possessed of an awesomely acerbic sense of humour and is taking the opportunity to make a veiled threat against Ken.


1 Response to “Free ice cream at PopeHat”

  1. February 25, 2011 at 09:38

    I’ve been to PopeHat twice. I’m still not sure that I’m being spoofed. No one can hold those views, can they?

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